Overseas Visitors

The LMC has reviewed the WHC/2021/026 and discussed with colleagues - it is our interpretation that oversees visitors can be charged unless they have certain exempting criteria in point 15, 26 and Annex A, however once a patient is registered onto the clinical system it is deemed as an acceptance onto the list and thus cannot be charged. It appears the way around this, though logistically difficult for note keeping and appointment booking etc, would be to not register the patient as per point 24 and treat as private provided that this is a blanket rule practice policy applied to all overseas visitors.

In terms of private charges, we don’t have a recommended amount, but this on the BMA website may help guide Fees (bma.org.uk)

The LMC suggests that you check with the indemnity provider(s) to ensure you are covered to carry out this work both in terms of international visitors and privately.